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As usual

Been busy with work & rarely had time to post. Succeeded in persuading my crush, Chai Hen, to get Samsung Grand Duos and if there are no issues, I plan to get that phone for mummy too.

Miss my sisters who are far away from me now & hope to see them soon. I miss my lovable cute niece Eliz who’s in Singapore! Glad she is starting to talk more as of recent FB posts from elder sister Celestial.

My ex visited the shop I work at again today & he is a 360° difference from the guy i knew ten years back. He brought his fiancee with him & I bluffed him my bf is “Uncle Cat”, my senior in the workplace. Surprisingly, he believed & we all had a big laugh about it after work. (We including Unc Cat who I call Koko Cat as I am one of the eldest in the workplace in the Slackers’ Division)


My hair is getting better soon with my usage of Schwarzkoft Hair-Repair shampoo & hair mask. Can’t wait to dye it soon 🙂

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