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As usual

Been busy with work & rarely had time to post. Succeeded in persuading my crush, Chai Hen, to get Samsung Grand Duos and if there are no issues, I plan to get that phone for mummy too.

Miss my sisters who are far away from me now & hope to see them soon. I miss my lovable cute niece Eliz who’s in Singapore! Glad she is starting to talk more as of recent FB posts from elder sister Celestial.

My ex visited the shop I work at again today & he is a 360° difference from the guy i knew ten years back. He brought his fiancee with him & I bluffed him my bf is “Uncle Cat”, my senior in the workplace. Surprisingly, he believed & we all had a big laugh about it after work. (We including Unc Cat who I call Koko Cat as I am one of the eldest in the workplace in the Slackers’ Division)


My hair is getting better soon with my usage of Schwarzkoft Hair-Repair shampoo & hair mask. Can’t wait to dye it soon 🙂

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2013 is here!

Finally, it’s 2013. 2012 has been a long year. A year of changes, inconveniences and new experiences. Here’s what I am expecting for 2013, sorted by my own personal view of importance:-

  1. Eclipses, not in Brunei Darussalam or Singapore
  2. Galaxy S IV, which I am most likely not buying till end 2014/2015
  3. Insidious 2, unsure if watching in cinemas or streaming online
  4. Thor 2, scheduled end 2013
  5. Travelling to Taiwan probably in Sept
  6. Earthquakes, not in Brunei Darussalam or Singapore
  7. Random events, which are not limited to fits and arguments.

I missed the last visible eclipse, which was back in 2009 or 2010 (I barely remember, and in the end caught a video recording on Youtube). 2013 is scheduled to have about four or more eclipses, most likely to be not visible to residents in Southeast Asia.

As for movies, off-peak hour tickets are considered quite affordable to catch in BN, I caught ‘the Hobbit’ in December and ‘Snow White’ around May. Considering I mostly catch blockbusters, it’s fun to sit back and relax on those cushioned seats. However, what I dislike most about catching movies is popcorn stuck between my teeth. Thor 2 sounds exciting so far, with news of a new antagonist from a different planet as well as the second male protagonist Loki (who was the antagonist in Part 1 and Avengers) probably turning to the good side. And, how I miss Ms. Portman, who apparently had been ‘missing’ in big action movies since Star Wars 3 (or maybe it’s because I hardly watch TV).  Watching Insidious 2 would be far too embarrassing in cinemas, so I’d have a second thought on that.

I haven’t been to many countries since my childhood, and Taiwan was the first country I’d really want to go to. Not for shopping, though. While thinking about the other things to do, I am thinking of getting started on my new story, chapter-based and fantasy setting. I do want to have a story like Saingoku Monogatari, aside from the royalty (in fact, I did start one before, based on a friend from college which i envisioned as a king, myself as the Royal Advisor who went undercover to find a way to end the threat of the demons, and an ex as the shy general who had the role of protecting the Advisor). FYI, my ex that time was a writer too, of military novels, also chapter-based, but I doubt he had completed his stories, either. 

No new year’s resolution for me yet. I plan to get to it once I get a new job, probably before Chinese New Year. I also hope to get the S III within these few months, or at least when S IV officially launches. Just at this time, I have the reluctance to change, despite soft-bricking my phone due to my lack of awareness of the eMMC bug affecting Samsung models. I had stuck to my old Milestone for almost a week. Hopefully, the RIFF box would be able to resurrect my S II. (smiles)

That’s it for today, until I feel like blogging again…

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