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It’s back to school for me, Peishanz as my new semester starts. I have a lot to learn as I approach my final year.

Hello to another funny day. After somewhat six hours of sleep, I wake up and begin the whole procedure of preparing for school,waiting at the bus-stop and traveling. However, I did not time myself correctly and arrived later than I should in school.

So, I have a lecturer who thinks he is 22, and that everyone should raise their hands high when asked for a show of hands. He goes “Mainland China students, be prouddddd!!” when he asks who are from PRC and they do not raise their hands high enough for him to see. And I also realized that I have to touch up on my Chinese idioms when the lecturer mentioned a Chinese idiom by Sun Zi, which I failed to understand when he first said it in Chinese, and then literally translated it to English.

As usual, I have my mobile or iPod Touch 2 on QQ during classes, whenever the lecturer is telling jokes or when I’m not writing my own notes. And then, in the midst of the lesson, I hear a BEEP BEEP from someone else who forgot to silence her QQ. I was wondering who it was, as a group of us were on QQ at the same time! I took a snapshot of myself in the classroom during the break and sent it to my boyfriend. ^^

During the break, I saw C.W., my rich Shanghainese classmate. I thought she was funny to ask the lecturer for permission to leave 20 minutes before the class officially ended, as she had a sudden stomachache. The lecturer then bade her get a medical certificate, to which she replied she had one. After she left, the lecturer cast us a comedical look and “grumbled”, “I should have eaten more during the break, then I could get a stomachache too. Oh well”. The look plastered on his face was by no doubt, sooooo funny.

Just before my lesson ended, there was another funny event of the day. My friend L.L invited me out as I had suggested a KTV session before I left for Brunei. However, just as my lesson ended, his water pipe burst and he had to wait for the technician, and when the technician arrived, he had the wrong tools. In the end I was too tired to go out, and I had to go to the bank, but when I arrived, the bank had closed  as I had mistaken the closing time to be 5:30 pm instead of 4:30 pm. Well, there’s always another day for everything!

Back2Brunei, 27thNOV

Hu Yanbin – Butterfly

It was 2 a.m. when I woke up from my “short nap”. I had fallen asleep at 11 p.m. trying to keep awake chatting with Zhilong, but I can’t make it.. Today is such a tiring day (actually more to the sleepy part), favored by the dull weather in Singapore. The thunder woke me up from my afternoon nap, and now I’m awake staring at the computer screen..

I chat up my old friend in MSN, it seems that his condition with his girlfriend is not getting any worse, however it is not getting any better either (I wouldn’t be surprised if he cheats; he has affirmed that he may). So much for a poor guy dating a rich girlfriend. It’s not that I look down on poor guys (I’m not very wealthy either), but somehow I feel there should be some balance in addition to the chemistry and romance.  There should be a level of understanding and commitment to the relationship, in respect to the fact that his girlfriend may head to Australia for further studies. Distance used to be a problem for me, but other than the random concurrent worries I have for Zhilong, I do give him a level of trust. I have expectations for him not just as a girlfriend, but I do respect our differences and cherish our similarities.

After a while, my friend said the picture of Zhilong and I was cute, and logged off, saying he had to sleep.. I guess I was lucky to catch him online, especially when he’s so busy all the time with his photography job. On going back to Brunei, I also do have concern about how much I will miss Zhilong and Zhuoyan, my self-proclaimed little brother on-line. It’s tiring teaching them English sometimes, but I have confidence on prevailing in my mission. 


Latest events

Ended exams and had dinner with classmates, 23rd Nov

Attended Work Holiday (US) Info Seminar at school, 24th Nov

Booked e-Tickets, 25th Nov


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No longer a fairy tale

It is another sleepless night. I couldn’t help but peek at the sweetest mementos in Cherry and her boyfriend’s album. I am filled with admiration for the two-year couple.

What about Peishan and Zhilong?

I had an idea on what to do about his studies and asked him to call me as I had a suggestion on what he could do in order to get a good certification and a job later. Study TOEFL, or IELTS in Singapore sounded like a good idea.

He was his usual, cheerful self. I felt so glad to hear his voice and breath over the phone again. I went with my suggestion for him to be able to improve his English, which was his dream, by studying English in Singapore. In my opinion, this was a better idea than studying in China as he’d get more chances to use his command of English.

He had a story to tell. He began by telling me he met a funny guy, and then paused. I had the cheek to ask him if the guy was homosexual.

He affirmed it. He said the guy had stolen a kiss from him. I wanted to laugh, but at the same time I also felt jealous. I was jealous of the guy, having had what I had always wanted. Life was a tough struggle as I had to sit by and wait for the chance to meet my own boyfriend. I had to learn how to be patient, and  to be a better person and improve my command of the Chinese language (as well as my technical skills, and interpersonal skills for personal reasons, mainly).

Peishan will always love you, Zhilong. So smile and be happy! We will work hard for a better future, and let your dreams come true.

Yan Wei Die by Fishleong

Left click to listen with the applet and right click to download!

(edit: it was a joke just to make me jealous)

It’s time.~

Just for fun

It’s time to leave the past
To seek a new beginning
Forget the pain I must
And work towards a good ending

Strength is what I have now
Persevere in my path
Never to failure I will bow
Instead I will have the last laugh

Gods may be watching over me in my life
Guide me and assist me they will
But only if I help myself strive
Success will then be real.

I know it’s weird but just felt the knack for writing a senseless poem. (Dio, if you’re reading, please laugh. You’re allowed to.)


Tired of being myself.. Study study study.. Don’t even know what I am studying for.. After studying for 2 hrs, I just get sick and bored of studying, when can I finally have a break from all this pain and worry.. Especially when my old friends seem to have done more revision than me, I don’t have the confidence in making a breakthrough.. Why do I have to feel so different for not being a Singaporean =(

(I wonder what you are thinking right now?)
Went for Art of Communication Talk last night. Wonder if it really would help me at all? I don’t like to be studying without any sense of direction, blindly studying and studying and studying. This is not like me at all.