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Flight to Miri::

Harlem Yu’s Yong Qi (Courage)


I flew back to East Malaysia [Sarawak] from West Malaysia [Johor] yesterday night at 18:20.. I took a private car down from my house to Johor for around $50, and then I headed right to the check-in. My luggage exceeded by 2 kg, and I had no Malaysian Dollars, so the attendant advised me to remove some items and transfer them to my hand-carried bag. A fake leather handbag of mine and a box of slippers for my mum did the trick, and I saved RM30.00.

At the airport, I talked to a Korean economics student from the top university in Singapore and her Singaporean friend, who were heading to Bintulu in Sarawak for the holidays. Sometimes I feel ashamed with myself for not working harder enough, but thinking of the stress, I sometimes feel contented being in my current school.

I downed a cup of hot Milo, and had a video conference with Zhilong for thirty minutes while waiting inside the gate for the plane to arrive, at six. I slept until like 19:15 or 19:30 in the plane, then after finishing a hot spicy meal of Vegetarian Bryani (it’s Indian fried rice, I think), I played Chocolatier on my iPod Touch for a while, until the plane was about to land. I rushed through immigration, and then picked up my baggage at the Claim. I almost had a tough time chasing my box that the moving belt was about to whisk away to the other far end, though. It’s funny thinking about it. After that I was done with the airport, and left immediately! 🙂 It’s so simple compared to Changi International Airport, which has countless rules and regulations, and hefty taxes.

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Finally, I am back in Sarawak after so long. I’ll be heading off back to Brunei in the afternoon. It’s around 1 and a half hour’s drive from here. I went with my niece to the cafe for breakfast, which had limited choices, and after that surfed my laptop in the rooms. 🙂

Back2Brunei, 27thNOV

Hu Yanbin – Butterfly

It was 2 a.m. when I woke up from my “short nap”. I had fallen asleep at 11 p.m. trying to keep awake chatting with Zhilong, but I can’t make it.. Today is such a tiring day (actually more to the sleepy part), favored by the dull weather in Singapore. The thunder woke me up from my afternoon nap, and now I’m awake staring at the computer screen..

I chat up my old friend in MSN, it seems that his condition with his girlfriend is not getting any worse, however it is not getting any better either (I wouldn’t be surprised if he cheats; he has affirmed that he may). So much for a poor guy dating a rich girlfriend. It’s not that I look down on poor guys (I’m not very wealthy either), but somehow I feel there should be some balance in addition to the chemistry and romance.  There should be a level of understanding and commitment to the relationship, in respect to the fact that his girlfriend may head to Australia for further studies. Distance used to be a problem for me, but other than the random concurrent worries I have for Zhilong, I do give him a level of trust. I have expectations for him not just as a girlfriend, but I do respect our differences and cherish our similarities.

After a while, my friend said the picture of Zhilong and I was cute, and logged off, saying he had to sleep.. I guess I was lucky to catch him online, especially when he’s so busy all the time with his photography job. On going back to Brunei, I also do have concern about how much I will miss Zhilong and Zhuoyan, my self-proclaimed little brother on-line. It’s tiring teaching them English sometimes, but I have confidence on prevailing in my mission. 


Latest events

Ended exams and had dinner with classmates, 23rd Nov

Attended Work Holiday (US) Info Seminar at school, 24th Nov

Booked e-Tickets, 25th Nov


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No longer a fairy tale

It is another sleepless night. I couldn’t help but peek at the sweetest mementos in Cherry and her boyfriend’s album. I am filled with admiration for the two-year couple.

What about Peishan and Zhilong?

I had an idea on what to do about his studies and asked him to call me as I had a suggestion on what he could do in order to get a good certification and a job later. Study TOEFL, or IELTS in Singapore sounded like a good idea.

He was his usual, cheerful self. I felt so glad to hear his voice and breath over the phone again. I went with my suggestion for him to be able to improve his English, which was his dream, by studying English in Singapore. In my opinion, this was a better idea than studying in China as he’d get more chances to use his command of English.

He had a story to tell. He began by telling me he met a funny guy, and then paused. I had the cheek to ask him if the guy was homosexual.

He affirmed it. He said the guy had stolen a kiss from him. I wanted to laugh, but at the same time I also felt jealous. I was jealous of the guy, having had what I had always wanted. Life was a tough struggle as I had to sit by and wait for the chance to meet my own boyfriend. I had to learn how to be patient, and  to be a better person and improve my command of the Chinese language (as well as my technical skills, and interpersonal skills for personal reasons, mainly).

Peishan will always love you, Zhilong. So smile and be happy! We will work hard for a better future, and let your dreams come true.

Yan Wei Die by Fishleong

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(edit: it was a joke just to make me jealous)


Sigh, I’m so tired.
So on Saturday went with Mr Loh for karaoke, at Partyworld Orchard. Parking cost a bomb, and the KTV bill was like around SGD 48.xx for two people.. WOW! Maybe because it’s in Orchard. Sing and singing and sang and sung for more than three hours, luckily we had 2 drinks each.. I never expected Mr. Loh to be someone who sings a lot, and that he sings about the same songs as I do. =S Have I just found my long-lost un-identical twin? I hope he’s not related to me.. And in the past, he was the one who actually ‘inspired’ me to listen to Maroon 5 and be their fan, though not official..

Trying to spend more time on my novel..(fan fiction)

Today hangout with schoolmate DouDou.. Ate at Food Junction Bugis… then walked around Bugis, went to Iluma too. Am so so so tired~~

It’s my first time having KOI Cafe’s Milk Tea, and my first time drinking from his straw too. He’s way too generous. We got drenched a few times ‘coz my umbrella’s too small, and I almost lost it. An old man found my umbrella and returned it to us. A weird security guard ‘chased’ us away for drinking in Iluma, then we went upstairs to join the crowd of KOI-drinking. Fooled around a little, then went home. 🙂


Tired of seeing you like this.
Tired of seeing you in pain.
Tired of having to cry for you…
It’s time you took a break from strenuous work & this tiresome activity, sweety..
It’s time for a change!
If need be, I shall be the one to change you.