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Funny Weird Day

Today it is an extremely weird and funny day. I had a quarrel with my mum over money; she didn’t want me to travel to Singapore through Malaysia as it is dangerous at night and the flight is at 10.30 pm.Eventually she bought me an one-way ticket to a direct flight with stopover which ended in Singapore itself.

In the afternoon, I went with my niece and nephew to the mall in Gadong, which is the center of the capital’s activities in Brunei. We sang four songs at the arcade K-box, starting with S.H.E’s One Blink to Ten Thousand Years, J.J’s Killer, and I taught them to sing Butterfly by Hu Yanbin and J.J’s Mummy. Then, we stayed at the arcade for a while as my nephew wanted to play games, and we went to have fries and waffles at the food court. Following that, we walked around the mall for a while and then we went to a cybercafe to play games. I am terrible with games, so I experimented with the cybercafe’s webcam for a while. The funniest thing was that I webcammed with one of my bf’s friends for less than five minutes, my niece said his teeth were nice, and then I ran out of sufficient time.

It’s time.~

Just for fun

It’s time to leave the past
To seek a new beginning
Forget the pain I must
And work towards a good ending

Strength is what I have now
Persevere in my path
Never to failure I will bow
Instead I will have the last laugh

Gods may be watching over me in my life
Guide me and assist me they will
But only if I help myself strive
Success will then be real.

I know it’s weird but just felt the knack for writing a senseless poem. (Dio, if you’re reading, please laugh. You’re allowed to.)