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Finally, forced myself to update.

Mr.Z is getting married soon, the first step is matchmaking, an action I always found to be very traditional and unrealistic in modern-day society.

And I’m happy for him….

It’s been some time since I last posted. A lot of stuff has been floating in my mind. I realized Mr.Z and I were more suitable as friends, and that in fact, I don’t need a second half at all, just a companion. Then I got to know a new circle of friends and lots of things changed. Sometimes, I feel that I really dread studying. I feel my head’s full of stuff when I study. So I like to hang out with my new friend, P. I think he’s really funny sometimes ‘coz he’s a newbie to English. I always laugh when he self-introduces himself. And I force him to talk in English to the cashiers when we’re out shopping. And I have a completely new wardrobe now… When I look at my old photos on Facebook, it seems the old me and new me are worlds apart, though there’s no significant age difference.. .


Mixed Thoughts:: Emotions!!~

What do u expect me to post, my ex has moved on?? YIPPEE”? Well I’m happy to see that he is finally using his brains and that L will be out of his target; in fact I did tell him if he hates me he should target me one-to-one instead of harming an innocent bystander like L. My heart sinks every time I see the bruises on L’s wrist. If I hadn’t been so stubborn, perhaps all this wouldn’t have happened. I will have my eyes checked for stamps.
Another season of good food. Am I gaining weight? I hope I am. I don’t want my dad to think I’m starving during my period of stay in Singapore.
What is love?
It is the emotional drive of the heart and mind, making us commit several actions unconsciously. I can’t help but notice that L doesn’t like me one bit except as a friend. I’m not his ideal type of girl, but he could be frank with me instead of beating about the bush, to prevent future misconceptions. And he’s waiting for The One.
We took a cab together once and the driver thought we were a couple, perhaps it’s the chemistry I have with L but not with other guys. L told the driver a long story instead of just denying the fact. I feel he should be truthful to himself that he does not like a person with in-confidence issue and easily swayed by the remarks of the people around her. Currently, I do not have any special feelings for L yet but am sometimes confused by what he has to say.
Love Versus Religion
I get really pissed off when anyone criticizes my religion especially to the extent of bringing out the Pastor-Rony Tan issue. Hello, it is just two ex-Buddhists, has the person who is forwarding me the message even thought about the number of ex-Christians ‘converting’ to Buddhists? And so much for saying I failed because of being a non-believer of Christianity, I really think there is a problem here with this person, not with the religions at all!! 
For the moment, I believe that love is hopeless. I’m not going to wait for The One like L, but I do wish him happiness and everlasting bliss, from the bottom of my heart. Secondly I wish to wish it to Mr John S from the Nanyang Technological University, as he hasn’t found his second half yet.
Thoughts regarding personal change
Just something I have to say. Firstly, it is important to note that although something, a body/object is not visible in nature, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist at all! L has been saying he hasn’t been able to notice any visible changes after the incident 4 days ago. Secondly, I really think he has to take life with a pinch of salt. Why be so insistent and eager to rush a change just for the intention of long-run profit/performance? Why not just sit back and watch instead? Thirdly and lastly, even by preventing something from happening, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. People learn from their own mistakes, even if other people keep telling them “Don’t learn from your mistakes. Don’t even commit them in the first place! Learn from others’ mistakes” as observable in the KMSPKS workshop/talk at Bras Basah Complex, Art of Communications. The reality is that people don’t really learn from others’ mistakes as they will think “I’ll never commit this mistake/crime. That’s them; I’m me!!”. And also, if you never pick up the big rock, how can you even put it down at all? 
Today’s plan: I had counselling session from 10 am to 11 am slot, but arrived late as my area was flooding and I couldn’t afford to dial a cab. I arrived at Queenstown MRT around 10:40, so quickly hauled a cab and paid $3.30. At least I didn’t have to walk in the rain with my shoes and socks wet. So I went down to Anchorpoint later and bought a pair of sandals, then waited for my sister for some shopping. After that, I got a call from L, so rushed off to Seah Im Food Market to have late lunch with him as well as chat about my insecurities. We walked around in Vivocity and did some last-minute shopping at Daiso. However, later when I got home after hanging out at Vivocity with him (the foot soaking at Vivocity highest level was awesome!!!!!), somehow he seemed upset over a previous blog post and I tried to pacify him for awhile but I was busy as I had to do packing to go to JB. The phone was faulty and cut off so he misunderstood that I was mad. But actually, I was more afraid that if I didn’t emit a visible change soon, he’d float further away from me and we wouldn’t be as close as usual.
L loves fishes. 
I love kisses.
The song goes
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You love fishes
but I love to kiss you
Haha, joking only lar.. don’t be angry lar..