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Funny Day.

Today was a really hilarious day.
I had IMS this morning. Then this korean guy who usually comes late or sleeps/listens to music in class borrowed off my tutorial questions and begins to write….very slowly! So I couldn’t manage to copy down what was left of the IMS diagram. The chinese dudes in the row in front didn’t have the diagram either, ‘coz one was reading the papers and another surfing the web. So I had to go over to James’ to copy his diagram. Then, the lecturer was waiting for me to finish so he could start on the tutorial slides! Sigh, that was totally unexpected.
Then later during the break, I was talking with my classmate Y. It’s funny how a topic can revolve around passing motion to meat dumplings. Pao Ba Zhang is a Singlish term for people who wear tight/skin fitting clothes which do not suit them. And if you weren’t at the scene in LR-C209 at MDIS UniCampus, Queenstown, Singapore, it’s really a very very long story!
My other friends are really cool. One gave me a handmade present, another accompanies me to walk to the MRT station. They have lots of awesome stories to tell as well. I joked to my friend as we walked, that I should go on QQ one day to get a China boyfriend. And she really is serious about introducing me one! She asked me what I think about a younger boy, and I say I like younger boys, as they’re more innocent. 🙂 But I really hope she isn’t serious about the deed because I don’t speak good Mandarin, just plain average Mandarin. 😛
I had lunch with Mr.Blanket, the most innocent-looking shyboy I’ve seen in my life. He’s also younger than me, around the same age as “Douryl” (my friends from MDIS’ Publishing). The only difference — Douryl are MassComm students, Mr Blanket is an IT student from NUS. Future, though, as he hasn’t completed his NS. Douryl have. 
All the best to Douryl’s future joint blog. May their DSLRs be with them through life and death, serving as a companion to the loneliest days of their lives. The coolest job is being a photojournalist, suits them awesomely fine. 🙂