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Back2Brunei, 27thNOV

Hu Yanbin – Butterfly

It was 2 a.m. when I woke up from my “short nap”. I had fallen asleep at 11 p.m. trying to keep awake chatting with Zhilong, but I can’t make it.. Today is such a tiring day (actually more to the sleepy part), favored by the dull weather in Singapore. The thunder woke me up from my afternoon nap, and now I’m awake staring at the computer screen..

I chat up my old friend in MSN, it seems that his condition with his girlfriend is not getting any worse, however it is not getting any better either (I wouldn’t be surprised if he cheats; he has affirmed that he may). So much for a poor guy dating a rich girlfriend. It’s not that I look down on poor guys (I’m not very wealthy either), but somehow I feel there should be some balance in addition to the chemistry and romance.  There should be a level of understanding and commitment to the relationship, in respect to the fact that his girlfriend may head to Australia for further studies. Distance used to be a problem for me, but other than the random concurrent worries I have for Zhilong, I do give him a level of trust. I have expectations for him not just as a girlfriend, but I do respect our differences and cherish our similarities.

After a while, my friend said the picture of Zhilong and I was cute, and logged off, saying he had to sleep.. I guess I was lucky to catch him online, especially when he’s so busy all the time with his photography job. On going back to Brunei, I also do have concern about how much I will miss Zhilong and Zhuoyan, my self-proclaimed little brother on-line. It’s tiring teaching them English sometimes, but I have confidence on prevailing in my mission. 


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Ended exams and had dinner with classmates, 23rd Nov

Attended Work Holiday (US) Info Seminar at school, 24th Nov

Booked e-Tickets, 25th Nov


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Blog Post for yesterday, 10th Sep ’10
And so begins my first day of ‘tedious work’
I woke up at 6:05 am? I think.. Then was preparing.. bath, clothes, etc.. in comes NiCcelo’s morning call @ 6:30 am. Expected him to forget about waking me up.. and so, I reach YCK earlier than him … Took train with him all the way to Jurong.. realizes when he sleeps on the MRT, he looks even shorter than me!! :O
Was halfway thru’ in the job (of ‘assisting’ Niccolo by being a flyer) till I sprained my back for no good reason.. I don’t know how it happened.. and Niccolo’s boss wasn’t happy with my progress I think.. well Mr. Niccolo Poon informed me that I was just supposed to give out flyer and tell them what’s it about IF they ask. Then Niccoolo’s boss isn’t happy.. I feel like an epic fail+5 or something.. AARGH! WTF is wrong with me
Well so durin’ lunch time when there weren’t many people I smsed up J’kang.. He’s my ‘soulbro’ in a kind of way, people even said we look alike. Didn’t expect him to come all the way to Jurong to meet me, then said “Oh, only IMM’s Daiso sell this product.” Well, J’kang doesn’t lie so I believed him. I fell and bruised my knee (it bled slightly) when I was leaving for the MRT.. Guess my legs were too numb as I was wearing a short skirt (not mini skirt of coz).. So we went to Chinatown and I had some of the new Mr Bean’s pancakes (Caramel Cheese and Egg Mayo) as well as the Soya Bean.. We went to MacD and J’kang bought a burger.. Walked Chinatown during the night and took some photos of the lantern decor, then we took the NEL MRT to our own respective destinations (home).  I was so dead beat after that.. Fell asleep on the MRT.. Woke up twice, once at Little India and another time at Kovan. I remembered to sms Niccolo sorry, but as usual, he only replies in “Ok…” or “Yes.” Guess he must be even tireder than I am.. 
And I still don’t know if my feelings for him are for real or not.. He does have a gf, after all. If it’s a crush, then I shouldn’t affect him and his gf’s relationship by being there as a limiting factor.. He told me he was stressed. Juggling a job and trying to save enough money for his double degree at Curtin. I really shouldn’t pressurize him too much either. Hope his new job will be fine.