Nemesis/Rivals: Lily Bong, Djin Lim.

I don’t have much to say but I just want to stress that I feel so glad I stopped working at Singhiaphin. While I can bite my lips and take it lying down with Djin Lim, I can never stand Lily Bong. I tried to get along with her initially, but some people can never understand or respect you. I never meant to gossip or say bad about her behind her back but she kept annoying me, shouting and tossing sarcasm in my face. It all started when I rejected her invitation to party:
1. I’m too old for parties
2. I barely know her
3. I don’t like partying
4. I don’t drink or smoke,or karaoke
5. I’m a vegetarian
6. I don’t want to see Djin Lim’s new gf
7. Main reason: Ahen doesn’t want to go.
(and of course she shout you kanasai ! in my face)

After that, she kept doing strange things to get on my nerves. After I talked to any guy at work, she would go to the guy and chat him up. She also found a time to pour salt on my wounds, this way:

I: Jit, how did your party go?
(Jit tells me)
L: (turns to Jit) Your gf is goddamn sexy! Bring her again next time. (Pauses) If Djin was here, his mouth would water.

And of course I know last sentence was meant for me coz she never talks about Djin Lim & he is (or was) my enemy, only she keeps saying i love him despite everyone knows I already am dating Ahen.

I can’t find inner peace working there, and glad to say, she has stopped going for prayers at the temple. Good riddance, and it is time to forgive.. and forget, as says religion. But I know, despite my short temper, that I should not react strongly to her presence should she come back to the temple. After all legs are hers, and I have no position in the temple (just a junior after so many years). But I don’t want people to think I am jealous of her, or that I care. I just want my inner peace, and release. So I don’t regret that I have to compensate the company with one month’s salary.


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