Working in Brunei

Long time since I last posted wakaka! So adios to reviving my “oldie old” blog! Enjoying my N7100 and recently did a factory reset due to an issue with graphics resolution. Texts suddenly went blurry.

Today I accidentally crushed my colleague in the groin coz he was trying to be funny with a metal chain and almost put it around my neck. I ducked and hit him hard on the groin with the back of the chair (the part I usually lean on). Poor boy. He said he checked himself in the gents for injuries but I bet he’s joking.

This is the third month I’ve been working in Gadong Central and I get along with all colleagues, minus one dude who got on my “death note” due to his hefty crime – Lying. I don’t talk to him, but I thought it was funny when he sat too hard on my tiny water bag which I planted under a cushion. The impact was too big that the bag burst, resulting in a “water explosion” and pants wet for two hours (due to the material of the pants which is hard to dry off due to its thickness).

I,however enjoy the company of new friends, particularly the kids who I’ve created a new clown in their minds dubbed “Peishan’s enemy” or “the guy with orange hair” etc etc…




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