A post about kittens

A six-week old kitten.

A six-week old kitten. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Baby kittens at my “antique” washing machine:

IMG-20130120-WA0014 IMG-20130120-WA0015 IMG-20130120-WA0016 IMG-20130120-WA0017 IMG-20130120-WA0018 IMG-20130120-WA0019 IMG-20130120-WA0021

Three few weeks old baby kittens borne by my “grandma” stray kitty. In addition to her kittens, she has four grandchildren, two of which went missing (one was found later at someone else’s home by a neighbour) and the other two– grey and black–  are healthy, naughty kitties which jump up the window or scratch the cars, etc.

Below are shots of the grey kitty stuck up the roof, after a scolding from my older sister:

IMG-20130120-WA0031 IMG-20130120-WA0032

 Goodness knows how she got up there, and then she didn’t dare to come down. In the end, my nephew had to coerce her into ‘jumping into his arms’. Ha-ha-ha. Cats can be strange animals sometimes. Which reminds me of a girl, Teresa (not her real name) in Duli College who told me of her personal view that cats were unique creatures. 🙂

Kitten Love

Kitten Love (Photo credit: Energetic Spirit)


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