Avast! Free Antivirus: A trial



According to tech site CNET, Avast! Free Antivirus is running the top for file downloads of the week. It provides some additional features such as AutoSandbox, Remote Assistance and Site Blocking, and runs in real-time.  Avast! also uses the latest of cloud technology to keep up with the modern world.


Caption: CNET Website Ratings



Caption: Cloud Technology to stream updates and support services


Caption: AutoSandbox


Avast! downloads are considerably quick but take up much bandwidth, thus making your sites load slowly if you’re on a slow connection. However, I simply love the User Interface on the download screen, rather than just XXX% downloaded. I use an Avira paid version myself, and the download screen doesn’t provide me with much information on the filesize or which file it’s on right now.



Real-time Shields

real time shields

Another interesting feature to note is the running of eight shields in real-time, each of which you can manually edit settings for. Allows for customization.

Going Pro!

The antivirus program will expire in 19 days even after registration, and here are the prices for acquiring a professional license.  I bought Avira Protection for 3 PC’s at less than $20.00, perhaps Avast! is a better investment due to the additional features. Any way, the choice is up to you. I’d stick to the Avira free antivirus was it not for my mum’s frequency of  online game websites, and the proposition from Avira support for an upgrade to 3 PC’s at an affordable  price. 😀




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