Finally, forced myself to update.

Mr.Z is getting married soon, the first step is matchmaking, an action I always found to be very traditional and unrealistic in modern-day society.

And I’m happy for him….

It’s been some time since I last posted. A lot of stuff has been floating in my mind. I realized Mr.Z and I were more suitable as friends, and that in fact, I don’t need a second half at all, just a companion. Then I got to know a new circle of friends and lots of things changed. Sometimes, I feel that I really dread studying. I feel my head’s full of stuff when I study. So I like to hang out with my new friend, P. I think he’s really funny sometimes ‘coz he’s a newbie to English. I always laugh when he self-introduces himself. And I force him to talk in English to the cashiers when we’re out shopping. And I have a completely new wardrobe now… When I look at my old photos on Facebook, it seems the old me and new me are worlds apart, though there’s no significant age difference.. .


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