pirates of the caribbean 4

aka On Stranger Tides

I’m glad Depp is back (minus Keira and co.) on the set. And gladder still to see that “4” gives him a love story of his own. A lethal love interest, who is discovered to be the daughter of a deadlier pirate “king”. And hello to Barbossa, minus one leg, the most annoying character IMO from the 3 previous movies. As usual, they make the best out of their “partnership”, always portrayed as rivals.

Bye Bye, Black Pearl and hello, Miniature Pearl. = Ship in the bottle.

Simply found the whole movie hilarious..

Competitive rivalry matches!!

Nice Chemistry!!

Mermaids: No, it’s not Ariel and her sisters. Mermaids are gorgeous looking creatures with tails and ability to transform to feet out of water, but at the same time, they are vampiric.. well, they bite and kill. Maybe Ariel was conceived from a sea nymph instead, as it is in the game “Tradewinds Odyssey“, where “Ariel” is the daughter of the Greek sea god. Everything is similar to Ariel’s story except she doesn’t end up with the prince in the end. Anyway the man in picture is a priest or pastor.

Happy watching! Be prepared for absolute humor!! Abs 4.5/5!!


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