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What’s the last time I went to the cinema? 11TH March? Watched RED RIDING HOOD on 11th March and SUCKER PUNCH on 27th March. That’s two movies in one month, HeHEeeHhehehe..

Red Riding Hood is a love story and based on the mystery of the wolf. Basically, mostly about love and suspicion.. Who is the werewolf responsible for the murders in the village?

Sucker Punch, despite what the title tells you, is regarding asylum life — the 5 girls are not actually mad, just ended up there for various reasons, and their collaborative plan to escape the asylum, however the plot also focuses slightly on the lead actress‘ drifting into an imaginary world to “create” her dance (the girls in the asylum are actually used for performance onstage to earn money).

RRH was great! Although the main actress wasn’t THAT pretty (I guess her mother was the beautiful one!!) and had a look of pain/guilt about her, I guess what promoted the movie was the lead guy, a somewhat “Edward Cullenlook-alike! Exciting mystery to be solved !!

Similarly, the lead actress in SP had a look of guilt/embarrassment about her, and a bit too innocent. When I saw the trailer while waiting for RRH, I thought the costumes a bit too weird, like Sailormoon copycat stuff. However, what I liked was the sisterly union. The 2 blonde sisters in the movie brought out most of the excitement. Goku’s love interest in Dragonball Evolution also appeared in the movie as one of the team.


//Morning Glory will be next\\

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