My headband bought from Daiso ($2 shop in Singapore based on Japanese items) is looking good in the photo.. Spent a few hours shopping on Saturday for random stuff before meeting a seller to get some secondhand books cheap. Bought a pink soft case for my external HDD from Daiso as well.

On Sunday: grabbed some books from the public library to hit my quota of 12 books, and then had yam paste at DessertStory.. can’t wait for my diary’2011 to “be won” (I found it on an online auction and waiting for the auction to end) so I can be more organized. Ha-ha.

Some scrap pics..

I have totally no idea why my specs have a splash of orange in the photo..

Nice? I got it for $11.11 USD; the book, I mean.


The photos are of a private institute near my home. Seems that someone isn’t using the garbage chute for disposal…

Funny/Strange Recent Happenings

I came for an afternoon class last week in the morning, then opened the classroom door and peeked inside it before realizing my mistake, then thought “Since I’m here already I might as well have breakfast” then went to Funan IT Mall in City Hall, Singapore to buy some stuff.. On the way back I got lost and turned up for class half an hour late… that’s 2 mistakes in 1 day!

During Friday’s lesson my classmates and I were blank on what to write for practice essay session so we ended up doing other things.. The session turned into an IPod Touch/IPhone 3GS/4G war!! I scribbled some points on my notebook, and then I started listening to some guys’ conversations, and later I teased them on hearing traces of the chinese erotic novel classic, Golden Vase of Plum Blossoms (Don’t know how it’s translated). Then one of them seemed surprised I know about traditional Chinese classics, and my friend sitting beside me “argued” that I am still a Chinese because my roots are Chinese.

I should start on my novel soon…. so much incomplete stuff…


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