Exams Over!

Dinner with my classmates

Finally, the last of the exams are over.. I didn’t do too well as I had a bad memory, just average (passing grades?). My classmates invited me to have dinner with them, so I went to this place at Chinatown in Singapore called Sichuan Restaurant.

Now, that is what I call beyond spicy! Every plate on the table was spice, spice and spice! I don’t know how I am going to digest such food. We ended up choking on the spiciness and the other guy and I coughed (I couldn’t help it, really). So one of the younger guys in our group suggested we not talk while eating such spicy food. Thanks goodness two dishes that were potentially harmless arrived, and they were a plate of spice-less green vegetables and century egg bean curd (tofu). I love tofu, and I couldn’t help eating more and more of the tofu, and I guess everyone didn’t mind as everyone was eating to their heart’s content.

After that, the guy who was giving the treat didn’t feel full, so he ordered another plate of fried rice. There are the common Yangzhou fried rice, but a number of people were astonished by the name “Lao Gan Ma” (old godmother) fried rice, and in the end, the fried rice, whatever it was, was so delicious I couldn’t help taking some of it, which the guy was more than pleased to share a huge plate of rice with.

I was still feeling full (and I am still NOW!) so we hung out for a bit and headed for the younger guy’s house. They played a game of cards, but as I can’t really read Chinese, I asked if the guy had wifi, and logged into QQ on my iPod Touch to talk to Zhilong and my other friends who were online, my phone battery almost flat. Finally I felt tired, and left earlier at 10:45 p.m. as I didn’t want to fall asleep on someone’s couch, it sounded way too embarrassing.

(And I forgot to ask for our class’ QQ group again..)

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