The First Timer

    There’s always a first time for everything, they say. Be it learning how to drive, using a mobile phone for the first time, or going on a date (what ever kind). For me, it is my first time having my ears pierced. I know how this seems not new for other people; some have it as an infant, some have multiple ear piercings, and some have piercing elsewhere.
    Since my sister is the one paying, and I’m not someone to take advantage of others’ kindness, I selected titanium as titanium earrings are cheaper than gold ones. I also selected the titanium earrings in royal blue as blue has always been my favorite colour.
    As I was nervous about having my ears pierced, I often procastinated instead of having my eyes pierced directly. My sister and I visited a number of jewellery shops but I was never ready. I finally decided I would have ear piercings before my birthday this year (My birthday is in a few days’ time).
    I had my ears pierced at an accessories shop named B’Dazzle at Wisma Atria, after window shopping at Takashimaya with my family. Though nervous as usual, I was surprised by the speed and efficient service of the nice lady in the shop. She was also very informative, and asked if my eighteen-month year old niece would like her ears pierced as well. The procedure was speedy and involved a few steps with a few different solutions meant to numb and clean the ear lobe, followed by marking and “stapling” of the ear lobe. It felt like the times I had my finger pricked to do blood tests —  the gun and needle felt like a stapler. Though it was extremely fast (the duration was two seconds) and painless, I still remembered the feeling I held in my heart and soul — it will always be a first experience: the feeling of a first time.
Here are some snapshots:
(Sorry the second photo is quite blur, didn’t realize it)

Ear-V gone!! LOL.. “My ears lost their V”

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