On Being "Not Pretty"

I have received the advice “you ain’t pretty, so stop thinking you are”. Well, regarding this, I don’t know how to respond.. Perhaps it’s time to wake up from my dreams. And, to achieve something else in my life since I don’t have the physical beauty or attractiveness that other girls do. 

Stop believing in true love?

I guess that is one option. If I am capable of handling my own life, I don’t need a guy. Basically, guys think I am not pretty. So I don’t need one at all to give me fake concern full-time.
This will mean the female lead characters in my novel are going to change. I.e. from pretty to un-pretty. At least, somehow, they are strong and courageous in their own ways. And uh, happy-go-lucky, and wacky. Unfortunately, they are never capable of self-control, loving oneself, or protective/conservative. ‘coz that’s me.

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