The Sorcerer’s Apprentice @ Brunei, 3/8/10

Me at The Mall GDG

Me acting NERD
Baby E (my niece) enjoying herself

**Edit: this is the first time I have seen CAGE in such a role. (Normally he plays goody-two-shoes or super-heroic characters. Recall the too-good-for-everything guy in FACE OFF, where he replaced the evil guy’s character in the face change. And also in the movie with Penelope Cruz where he was the super-nice German general/soldier who fell in love with the Italian village doctor. I haven’t seen many of his movies, but I do think his appearance in SORCERER suits him well and his character in the movie is a mix of strengths, goodness and feelings. In short, his character has CHARACTER!! Haha.) As for the guy who played the APPRENTICE, I would say Disney had a good pick as he appears to be the down-to-earth guy-next-door part, bland and clueless. A guy who wants to be just normal, but he knows he has the responsibility as he is the one chosen. Love the magical effects. 😉 **


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