My Problems.

This is final.
I only bring problems to guys.
The only way to help L is by getting out of his life. Sometimes I think non-endedly of suicide. Asher would love that and be overjoyed, L would be freed of a burden. But, before this, I am going to look for a therapist. to perform hypnosis and place my past into forgetfulness, particularly my last ex. My past with my ex “I” is still something I can’t forget yet. If I hadn’t stepped into his life, he wouldn’t have been bent on hating me to the extent of calling the police and getting me convicted.
He most most most likely hopes n prays n wishes for me to land in jail. Where I can’t see the light again. N he’s happy now, overjoyed.
I must erase my moments with him and my other exes so I can leave my world in peace. Very soon…
And I won’t contact Kaiqi, Jessie, Peiling or any of his friends anymore. This is the only right thing to do now while I haven’t left the world. Sure they must be thinking I’m a hypocrite? Maybe?
 My ex called me last night. This is most likely to yell and scream at me. I didn’t want to get hurt and insulted by his remarks so I passed the phone to my sister. Anyway, my sister informed me of his decision of pressing charges on me. Well, I decided to leave it all up to Buddha to decide. Let Buddha take hold of my life. Let L be happy with his girlfriend, since the greatest happiness and gift I can give to him is by leaving his life alone. I feel ever since I knew him, I have been the biggest burden on him. Let him meet the girl of his dreams. So what if I ever achieved anything in my life? So what if I managed to escape unharmed this time? It doesn’t make anyone happier, it makes everyone more worried and troubled. I’m a jinx to my family. If only I wasn’t born… I believe my parents regretted that I came to this world. I owed more than I could pay back. I really have been a nuisance. Maybe my ex is right to a certain point. So what if he is right? So what if he isn’t? I really really don’t want to mess up with my sister or L’s life. If only I could disappear immediately from this world, without trace!

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