Getting better? | 4th July

>Time to pursue religion again. Don’t know if I’m getting better or not. I couldn’t wake up this morning at all. Another night slept at 5:30 am. Revised a bit. I don’t know what to expect anymore from my life. Let this be a lesson to me learned, never to trust a guy with my heart again, like in the Last Christmas song (Wham). & Hopefully this reason will be a good one for pushing away any guys who approach me in the future, if there will be any (Hope Not!!). I told L we can be friends, but I cannot give him any promises. He said O.K.

Friends only. I feel relieved at that. Thanks goodness. 🙂 I just can’t see myself romantically involved again. It would only weaken my soul.

My sis M brought Mum, Eliz and I to Poccolini, the Central (Clarke Quay, Singapore). Whoaaa, $30-40+ bags at $12-23. Never had a “craving” for clothes or bags, but I just felt I needed one. Especially when I is not going to get me anything. Obviously he loves someone else already. I’m not worth anyone’s attention, I believe. Let me learn to love myself, and let my family be my sanctuary.


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