And it all ends up | July 1

…to Zero. Perhaps, I will not get myself involved in a relationship again. Love hurts? Am not stupid enough to go cutting myself again after the last incident,
The marks may be light as compared to an actual self-destructionist, but they’ll be etched into my memory as my flesh + blood I got from my parents.
You treated me well for the past few days, forgave me for neglecting you, but you hurt me so much on today July 1st, 2010. Firstly I had cousins over, and secondly I wasn’t ready to go to a Christian cell group meeting, I didn’t feel like it and you pushed me by threatening to break off since I didn’t want this relationship. Next, you threatened to find a prosty if I didn’t arrive in 20 mins, then you made me run from the MRT Station to 2 different Shell Stations and back.
I was so angry with you I broke your ATM Card. I hated it when you used money on prosties. I wanted to take your money away. I pushed you because I was unhappy with you doing this to me. In the end, what did I get? You found a girl to sleep with you and I got bruises when we fought.
This bruise may be nothing, but it is, emotionally. Anyway I DON’T KNOW how to face the world when you have slept with someone else. Just a small price to pay for my own stupidity. An ugly girl with a horrible life, and a past to cast away. Who can I trust in the future?

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