Yesterday’s | 28 June

My dear, I tried to help me out with my studies, but we couldn’t figure out how to score for the essay topic ‘Barriers to Entry & Exit: SG Power‘. Mostly because I wasn’t familiar enough with the issues on SG Power. I’ve never heard of it before this and a bit confused on the relation to the topic itself; it’s so monopoly/oligopoly-like that I can’t figure what strategies it employs for pricing etc. Since there are no competitors, how can there be, for e.g. Predatory Pricing? and I’m not clear either on what regulations are there in Singapore to support it other than it has ties with the gov?

(Choked on $3.50 Cheese Fries@KFC which I had craving for. OMG, back in Bru’ it’s only $2.50! and the same taste, whatsoever! But I’m not very updated about their value meals as I haven’t been there for quite awhile.. more than a year I haven’t gone back! I’m soooo homesick..! They must have the Mushroom beef/chix burger meal now. In the past, it was popular for Zinger Burger.)

Anyway, got to pick a few more topics for essays before my classmate, N comes back to Singapore. So preparing myself before I can do a group study with her.

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