Some truths about my revising style | 28 June

Another morning spent at home with me waking up late again.
I’m quite confused with some essay topics. Which should I choose? So emailed my inquiries to my previous Advanced Diploma classmate, R. Hope she has the time to reply my questions and settle my confusions. I want to work hard at my three modules, regardless the results. From what I believe, everyone has their own limits and standards. I’m not clear with the Undergraduate grading, but from what’s written in the handbooks from school, the grading is lower than Advanced Diploma (Pre-University) slightly. For example, in AD, 80% is A and 70% is B. I am a B&Cs scorer in AD. But in the Undergraduate programme , A is only 70% and B is 60%. Wow~! and most SMART people are ‘B’ scorers when they are undergrads.
I go for creative learning. Instead of write- write- memorize- memorize I try to imagine & put myself in the situation. And amazing enough, for the module Economics of Industry, the UK University Partner’s expectation is for students to think out of the box; beyond what’s in the textbooks. I hope I can do well. My sister, M gets A’s in Thames for her diploma, I wonder if that means my intellect is beyond average, or I’m not studying hard enough. I’m not a STUDY HARD HARD person, I’m more of a STUDY AS I UNDERSTAND type. My revising style is very different from others’. I like to relax and do my usual stuffs while studying. Previously, when I attempted to change my revising style to that of the non-stop study and sleep late type, I almost went bonkers. I just couldn’t take it at all. People may think I’m such a slacker but I just don’t know how to study when my revising style is as such!
Exams on 12 July, 16 July & 26 July

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