No Photo-copy Memorization, Lah! ♥

I have been silent recently…
No mood to talk over the phone sometimes. Dump my phone in a corner in the unused room where I keep my school books. 
Don’t know what to do. Don’t know how to change my routine.
I know I want to do well but I’m not confident enough to change everything. I can’t clog my head with details and expect myself to remember everything. I wish I could, though.
Tried cramming myself with vitamins but it just doesn’t work. Turns into egested material 😦 and get flushed away…
Now I realize it’s not about mimicking the “light borrower” of the olden times. It’s all about carrying yourself the way you want to. I can’t change my self-routine of studying. I can only accommodate my routine to suit my own lifestyle, by doing enough revision and increasing the amount of time spent per time. I can’t coop myself up too much. I can’t stare at a book the whole day and expect myself to remember what I have learned by sitting in front of the book. Gone are the days when people memorize book after book of information. Instead, here is memorization+apply. Apply what you understand, as there is no RIGHT or WRONG answer! ♥
Thank you for being at my side but please understand I need time to be alone as well when I’m down or feeling lonely.  ♥ ♥ ♥

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