23 July 2010 | What is this?

Slept at 3 last night, was up decorating my blog and stuff like washing dishes and clearing the mess on the kitchen table..

(Wonder what you are doing right now…)

Have I really changed? I still seem to think a lot.. 😉
I still feel I am a big burden in your life, giving you bad luck with your jobs and sometimes, making you feel like a total idiot with my depressive behavior.
(Perhaps I have split personalities, from imagining and thinking I’m someone I’m not, every time!)

Woke up at 11:30 a.m. You’re still fast asleep as I didn’t see you online or received any SMS from you..
Am I such a terrible girl nobody else would want to be with? I’m kinda distressed that you may upset your religious upbringings as well as spiritual equilibrium, and the laws of those of your faith. I wouldn’t like for you to become an outcast, etc.

Why do different people say different things? I don’t get it. This is leading to a big confusion in my head..


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